You are a Brand

You are a Brand


Work out your geomarketing strategy

Launch your multi lever campaigns only around the points of sale where your product is sold. Make the right decisions by targeting your audiences based on their geographic location and POI. Customize your creations by point of sale with DCO. Reach cell phones present in real time in your broadcast areas and draw them to the nearest store.


Make it easier by relying on our packaged offers and the expertise of our teams

Take advantage of our packages which are adapted to the needs of each of your promotional and marketing actions. Avoid audience losses, control your budget and measure the impact of each campaign on your in-store sales.

Rely on our team of experts to effortlessly manage your strategy, content creation and campaign management.

Leverage the power of a multi-channel device to track the consumers through all stages of the conversion funnel

  • Display

    Consumers are 2.5 times more numerous to search brand-specific terms after seeing a display ad. Banners and native ads with an eye-catching visual and a clear call to action can easily attract consumers' attention. Take advantage of our disclosed inventory to broadcast your campaigns. Our AI allows you to display your content on the right medium, at the right time and to the right person.

    2.5 times

    more consumers search brand-specific terms after seeing a display ad

  • 60%

    of the world's Internet traffic is on mobile devices


    About 60% of the world's Internet traffic is on mobile devices. Thanks to our real-time geotargeting tool, you can reach roaming Internet users in the catchment area of the points of sale that interest you.

  • Video

    80% of Internet users remember the advertising videos they watch online. Broadcast your campaigns in pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll, on Youtube or any other platform in our inventory. Your ad appears for a few seconds before a video is played, allowing for precise behavioral targeting.


    of Internet users remember the advertising vidéos they watch online

  • 59,3%

    of the world’s population is on social networks


    59.3% of the world’s population is on social networks. It is essential in your marketing / communication strategy. Thanks to our platform, broadcast your ads on Instagram and Facebook, in the format you want: our platform is connected to Meta Ads.

  • DOOH

    A recent DOOH campaign prompted passersby to take several actions: search online, visit a store or post on social media. 69% of the passers-by subjected to this ad did one of the requested actions. Choose programmatic outdoor advertising to reach your targets, initiate a real-time customer experience or create a surprise effect.


    of viewers took some sort of action after seeing a digital street level ad

  • 6h37

    is the time users spend on the Internet per day


    Users spend approximately 6h37 on the Internet per day. Get a better ROI by launching, via our platform, personalized SEA campaigns according to your catchment areas.

  • Waze

    With more than 13M active users per month, Waze is one of the channel to integrate into its media mix strategy. Play the proximity card by easily reaching target consumers in your catchment areas. Make your brand known and increase store visits.


    active users per month

  • Connected TV

    Streaming platforms are integrating more and more advertising content. Connected TV gives you the opportunity to broadcast your spot in immersive mode to the right audience.