Innovative Advertising technology
Arago Tech

Innovative Advertising technology

A 100% independent and agnostic solution on online trading

Arago has developed its own DSP and is only positioned on the « demand » side of the online bidding process. This ensures that we can offer you a free and transparent access to all programmatic inventories and to the best performing advertising spaces.

A 100% transparent offer for a reinforced brand safety

Unlike other solutions, Arago’s platform has no black box. Thus, your visibility is guaranteed on all web sites and on the whole distribution framework. The configuration of your campaigns can also integrate IAB categories corresponding to your target’s interests, as well as white lists and black lists of websites.

Artificial intelligence

AI in the service of machine learning, to boost your performance from one campaign to the next

Arago ensures you to gain efficiency by using artificial intelligence to automate your communication actions, integrate data and improve them over time.

A committed technology for more responsible campaigns in a CSR logic

Our developers do everything possible to reduce the impact of your campaigns on the environment: servers that automatically turn off when they are not needed, bid requests that favor wifi which uses less energy, APIs automatically purged when campaigns are archived, a control of the weight of creatives and an optimized distribution according to the Devices / days and hours / season.

A technology interconnected with the major players in the ecosystem

We have set up partnerships with the major players in the market to make the platform efficient at all levels: access to inventories, data, performance measurement, brand safety.

  • Xandr
  • Equativ
  • Broadsign
  • AdYouLike
  • Vistar Media
Walled Garden
  • Google
  • Waze
  • Meta
  • LiveRamp
  • Sirdata
  • Zeotap
  • Gravity
  • Weborama
  • Grapeshot
  • Kairos
  • SmartTraffik
  • Adsquare
Ad Verif
  • IAS
  • DoubleVerify